EWI USB Skin now available! Website coming soon!

If you wish to order a EWI USB kit please order EWI4000s kit and contact me at sales@egraphicworld.com  and I will send the USB version instead.

Pricing is the same for either USB or 4000s and all color combinations are also available.


Look as good as you sound!


Want a more professional look for your Akai EWI4000? Transform it! Skin it!

Give your EWI a more traditional musical instrument-like appearance or go completely radical with a custom made skin kit.

Image is... well, it ain't everything but it is very important.

Sparkle & Shine in the spotlight!

Choose from a wide selection of colors!

Silver Mirror, Gold Mirror, Copper Mirror, Purple Mirror, Red Mirror, Blue Mirror, Black Mirror or Light Blue Mirror.

Also available are 3 Decorative Ornament Sets - Classic, One Color Flames, and Two Color Flames.


***** Slideshows of the Skins installed *****

Gallery Pictures show all four styles available on Gold and Silver Skins only.

MANY more color combinations/variations are available and can be seen on sample sheets prepared using actual photos of all colors placed inside clipping masks using the shapes of the kit pieces. These can be viewed on the order pages below for each color.



See what a dramatic difference these skins make!

Basic Kit. 5 Meg. WMV file.

This video shows the Gold Mirror Basic Kit.

Please notice the mouthpiece and control cover pieces (back) are Silver Mirror on all kits. These can be made any color but will ship with Silver Mirror unless you request a different color.


Basic (w/Optional Key Pieces) 17 Meg. AVI file.

This video shows the Gold Mirror Basic Kit with three optional key panel pieces installed. All kits, with the exception of the Sides & Bottom Front only kit, include all pieces shown in this video.


Classic 36 Meg. AVI file.

This video shows the Silver Mirror Classic kit installed.


1 Color Flames 26 Meg. AVI file.

This video shows the Gold Mirror One Color Flames kit installed.


2 Color Flames 15 Meg. AVI file.

This video shows the Gold Mirror Two Color Flames kit installed.


* 33 more videos showing each piece being installed are available for download on the Skinstallation page.


***  Customer Gallery  ***


 Check out these AWESOME looking Custom Skinned Akai EWI's. Send all the pictures you please and I will post them here. Videos also welcome!


*Please note that you should turn the flash OFF before taking photos of these. The mirror finish will reflect the flash and way overexpose the image. Thanks!


ALL styles and options are now available!


Basic, Classic, 1 Color Flames, 2 Color Flames, as well as Sides & Bottom Front only kits are now available in these colors


***** Base Skins are all Mirror Finish *****


Click the color you wish to order



If you would like a specific color combination not shown just ask. I'll be happy to make it any color/style you prefer. E-Mail us your request and I'll add it to the Custom Colors Page below.

Custom Colors



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